Posted by: Corri van de Stege | March 11, 2012

Not enough time for a best friend

There are days, weeks and yes, sometimes months, that I  don’t feel like reviewing any books.  This is usually because time is at a premium, work leaves me without spare energy and all I want to do is simply curl up with a book somewhere, listen to some music, or catch up on tv programmes I have missed out on but recorded somewhere.  One such programme is the series Homeland, which is as addictive as The Killing was, and Mad Men for that matter.

The Guardian describes Homeland as the TV series you don’t want to miss, and no, you don’t – it is breathtakingly good (Americans have of course already watched all of this first series, but I don’t want to know how it ends so please don’t tell me).    Mad Men part 5 will be shown from the end of March, so is something to look forward to.   I tend to record the series and then watch two or three parts at the time, fastforwarding over the ads, at a time that is more convenient for me.

I am reading, of course I read: all the time, before going to sleep, whilst cooking (if I’m cooking!) – aren’t Kindles just great,  the way you can put them right next to you whilst waiting for the water to boil, or the timer to go?

Right now I’m reading a great book,  Capital by John Lanchester and it’s become like a best friend this last week, to return to at the end of a long day.  It is big and panoramic and this time I very much appreciate it being a fat book: I don’t want it to end, I am enjoying it so much.  It will come to an end though, I know.  But until it does I’m simply going to enjoy an hour or two on this Sunday afternoon in its company!



  1. I know how that feels! I have finished three books the last month, including a Barnes’ “Nothing to be frightened…” but I do not seem to find any time for a quick review. I also started a big tome, Pamuk’s “Museum of Innocence” and I simply adore it! I am at page 300 of 700 so that will get me busy this month 🙂 Have you read it?

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