Posted by: Corri van de Stege | March 18, 2012

Too busy (again)

Yes I’m still around – just not in the writing / reviewing mojo.  I finished Capital by John Lanchester –  the book comes very much recommend although I thought that it ended with a bit of a whimper, rather than a bang, quietly, but  perhaps somehow as expected.  After all, we are still in this economic mess so nothing much changes or will change in the immediate future.  People carry on living, some downsize (a bit or a lot),  lose their jobs and have to make do, others are expelled as illegal immigrants, and some are arrested on suspicion of terrorism and then maybe released if they’re lucky and can prove their innocence.  What’s new?  Yes, do read Capital – it brings a sense of perspective and proportion to all our humdrum lives.

Today I’ve been reading bits of the Sunday papers, the Economist, the London Book Review and on my Kindle is William Boyd’s Waiting for Sunrise.  All excellent, however, don’t ask me about writing about any of it.  I just want to relax! My work these last few weeks has consisted of report writing and tender proposals  and sometimes I lost the will to live, and definitely the will to write more in my spare time.  You know that feeling when  your brain slowly seems to melt into an indefinite and shapeless blob of glue? 

Never mind, spring is round the corner and I’ve got a couple of holidays booked, visits arranged and the days are lengthening even if it was pouring with rain today.  All good and cheerful.  I am loading my Kindle with all kinds of books, fiction, non-fiction and poetry – at least I can dream, cannot I? 

Back to work, it’s Monday in a few hours’ time – and there will be more writing to do.  In fact, I’ve got quite an interesting research project to get on with all of a sudden so I should not complain. 

Recommended reading:

Capital by John Lanchester – definitely.



  1. Sounds like the last few weeks weren’t much fun but it’s good that you’re looking forward to the new research project. And hopefully you’ll get some more reading time too!

    Have a good week!

    • Thank you! Well, it’s 9.20 pm now and I will open that Kindle!

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  3. Corrie,
    Funny how all the writing one might do does in fact put one off from wanting to do any “other” kind of writing. Story ideas rattle around in my head but honestly, reading what you say about technical writing and proposals – I can only say, “Me, too!” and athe closest thing I do to writing, once home, is reading!

    Also as you say, Spring will elicit all kinds of changes/different directions and I look forward to sitting in the yard, journal on the summer table, and me scribbling furiously at something!

    It IS good to have work to do and find all the shiny spots in it that one actually does dig down to enjoy doing.

    In the meantime, the weekend monring is pouring through the screen door (which needs a bit of an adjustment), the floors need sweeping and swabbing and all the lovely etceteras of the household, but I’m going for a walk!

    Cheers (and keep us current on what you’re reading.
    Did I ever tell you that I went out and bought CLOUD ATLAS?
    And am very glad of it!

  4. so many things to do, so many things to waiting round the corner, so many ideas, thoughts – it’s so good to hear it from you as well and I’m glad you popped by to commisserate and at the same time make me see the the bright side of it all. Life is too short and too full – and when it all gets too much then of course, there are all kinds of ways to clear your head.
    Glad you’re enjoying the Cloud Atlas – I’m now reading Hari Kunzru’s God’s Without Man (after reading a lot of fluff….) and it it similarly exciting and different

  5. Nice to see you back here. Relax and don’t worry about writing. You will get back to it when you can. Work and self have to take priority over our blogs. At least you are still reading!

  6. Corrie – it’s a holiday weekend here. Lovely. Weather rather fine as well. Just wanted to make you laugh by telling you my current read: THE HUNGER GAMES! (so I can then go to the movie.)
    Happy Spring!

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