Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 15, 2012

Bali: poocoffee and other delights

About a week ago, when visiting Singapore we took in a three day short visit to Bali.   This is only a 2.5 hour flight away and after the 13 hour flight from Heathrow to Changi airport, this seemed no more than a tube journey, say from King’s Cross to Victoria Station in London.  The added pleasure was being served  with food, wine and other delights and having three seats between the two of us to spread out on.  Once in Bali we made a trip from Seminyak, where we stayed,  to ‘the Volcano’ and Lake Batur inland taking in Ubud (and the inevitable monkey park) and a number of craft villages on the way.   After Ubud and before reaching the unfortunately more or less invisible volcano (which was shrouded in fog and rain by the time we reached the top) we took in a visit to a coffee and cocoa producer.  This is a kind of sales and tourist hotspot, where you get to taste the various Bali produce.

Poo coffee is a Bali delicacy, much-loved by the Russians according to our driver.  The Asian Palm Civet eats the ripe beans and shits them out again and this enzyme process gives the coffee its distinct taste.  The beans are subsequently selected from the poo, and go through a drying and roasting process.  I was not too impressed by the taste and preferred the Bali coffee, the different teas, ginger, lemon grass, and chocolate.




  1. yes, very true.. we Russians love it : P and by the way the name of the “poo” coffee is Kopi Luwak – it also happens to be the most expensive coffee in the world … and I tried it for free .. love Bali!

  2. Thanks Elena – Kopi Luwak, I’ll make a note of it … it is a great place, definitely and I would love to go again and see a bit more.

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  4. Sounds like you had a nice visit! I think Victoria to King’s Cross doesn’t quite take 2.5 hours (I used to do it weekly about 15 years ago) but hey, who’s keeping track of the time when you’re having fun in the Underground? 🙂

    I’ve heard of that coffee and well done for trying it. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, and since it’s so expensive, maybe it’s best if you don’t acquire that taste!

    • I prefer the Bali coffee, or Italian or anything else! Perhaps I was just biased and did not like the thought!

  5. I kicked coffee a couple of years ago, thank God, not that I’d hate tryng that poocoffee once I’ve trained my brain to accept it as normal. We cannot criticise something we know nothing of. You’ve done well, Corri. Hope your family is alright. Best+++

    • Hi Jose: how very nice to hear from you again. Hope you’re well. I tried kicking the coffee a few years back but failed: restricting myself to 2 a day though 🙂 I was not too thrilled by the poo coffee though…

  6. I;ve never had the opportunity to travel to Bali but I’ve heard it is lovely. This one is on my “bucket list”. Enjoy your travels and all of the adventures that ensue.

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