Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 16, 2012

More Bali attractions and time for reading

Bali has some great beaches even if the sand is mixed with the black lava from the volcano. It’s not a very active one, this volcano and when we took the trip inland to see it, it disappeared in fog and rain.  Below it was hot, well over thirty, up there in the mountain it was cold, wet and foggy.  As we drove away, however, it decided to reveal itself, just. 

Just below the volcano at the other side of the lake there are two villages, which apparently are more or less completely cut off from the rest of Bali (and the world).  People intermarry, according to our driver, and although health checks and tests have been done apparently there are no signs of genetic disorders….   You can just make them out through the fog,  these two villages,  at the other side of the water, against the steep mountain behind.

After our trip to the middle of Bali we spent the next day back at the beach in Seminyak, baking in the sun. I read my Kindle reading through the books on the Orange Prize shortlist.  I was on number two by then.  In fact  I managed to read three on the list in the week away,  in Singapore and Bali – more about that in good time.

In the morning the tide would come up, very high, with the dek chairs standing in the water and bags, towels and shoes kept dry on top.  Then in the afternoon there was this wide expanse of sand, hot black/yellow sand that needed to be covered before actually getting to the sea.  The view and the feel of the waves is quite extraordinary and it is impossible to swim, the waves knock you down and jumping over or through them is all you can do before the next one comes at you.  Surfing is popular – so why not give it a try?  Time to go out there.

No, in case you wonder, that’s not me….  I stuck with the Kindle and the Orange Prize list.



  1. Nice blog, as all of yours. I am reading you again after an idleness period.
    All the best+++

  2. As I said – great to see you again Jose.

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