Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 30, 2012

After Menorca ….. new Kindle and many more books

It’s been a while…  I keep thinking about all the books I want to write about, the travelling, the many new impressions.  I just have not…  But I will.  Hang in there.  Time keeps running out, but then that’s the story of our lives, isn’t it?  I’ve taken the lazy option: tweeting at @corrivandestege but then, you say, that’s not the same as writing a proper review.  No it isn’t.  So I’ll try to fit in some more book reviews this summer.

I’ve been on holiday, did I tell you about it?  No, I don’t think so.  I went quiet after visiting my son in  Singapore and after my last mention of The Song of Achilles.  Wasn’t that a wonderful book?  I have had to buy a hard copy, as well as having it on my Kindle.  Just had to.  When books are that good, you have to be able to touch them.

My Kindle: I should say my new Kindle as I sat on my previous one, on the beach in Menorca, hidden carefully under my towel on my sunbed when going for a swim.   Only I forgot.  Sat on it, and felt absolutely and totally devastated.  Why on earth did I do that?  It was only the third day into my holidays and I had downloaded all those fantastic books that I was going to read and review.  Nope.  The screen was cracked and refused to clear up.

I spent the next few days scouring the bookracks on the side of the beach, mainly stacked with easy reading thrillers.

Whilst back at the apartment I managed to read my Amazon books via my Kindle app on my IPad – iPads are wonderful, however, not in the sun as the screen glares at you, your eyes hurt, they’re too heavy to hold up when you’re stretched out.  Besides, there’s the fear of sand, water or any other damage.  Reading Kindle books was restricted to balcony and apartment reading.  Nono in the swimming pool and on the beach.

Menorca was just beautiful, despite not having a decent  book to read in a comfortable way.

Now, having been back for what seems aeons, in reality only 4 weeks, I have many new books on my new Kindle and have read many as well.  Let’s just ignore all that, the summer is overtaking all of it, first there was the endless rain and the intense work schedules (actually, the work is still killing), then there was a week of glorious weather and now we have the  excitement of the Olympics, with rain starting all over again.  Britain in a nutshell.

What am I reading?  Canada.  By Richard Ford.  A fantastically gripping read.  There are some gems:

about the relationship with his father, Dell writes:

‘In truth, we were never very close, although I loved him as it were.’

He’s a very puzzled young man, and the story is a brilliant account of twins, finding themselves thrown into the world on their own when their parents, totally out of character, decide to rob a bank and think they can get away with it.  They don’t, of course.

That’s enough of a review for now.  I’ve got many more books there and will attempt to write some more proper reviews.



  1. That’s the only problem with holidays. You change your routine and accidents like that of the Kindle happen.
    Nice you keep at it.

  2. Enjoy your lovely holiday! Material things come and go… but not beautiful moments 🙂

  3. Jose: I think you’re right, so the advice is never to go on holiday? 🙂

    • From time to time it’s convenient to have the little wheels up there turning anticlock-wise..

  4. Ally: You’re so right – I still have wonderful memories!

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