Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 1, 2013

Out with 2012 and in with 2013

P1010034Norfolk – cold but sunny for one day only.

There were plenty of books again this year, now we need the time to read them.  After a brisk but very cold walk along the coast, we had the cod and chips in the seaview cafe.  Delicious.

Now we’ve tidied up the house, organised the desks and it’s back to work tomorrow.

Reading?  A christmas present:

The Iron Curtain by Anne Applebaum.   (Full title: Iron Curtain – The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956)Fascinating background to what happened in Eastern Europe prior to , during and immediately after the second world war.  I knew about it all, vaguely, I guess, however, you tend to forget that ‘until 1939 it was possible for all kinds 0f vaguely leftist, committed anti-fascists to support the Soviet Union without thinking too hard about it.’ (p.58).

With son and family living in what used to be east Germany it is a fascinating read and very well written.

Below is a review in the New York Times and one by a  fellow blogger.



  1. Dear Sea, Happy New Year to you! and loved your Xmas tree and decorations…more, I said to myself, let’s see more! (I LOVE Christmas decorations and holiday stuff) Now about the book you mention because I should say something about it since it’s this blog’s entry…I DID get a stack of books as well but nothing like this…I give you kudos for finding and reading it…I have muttered to myself that this year I’ll pursue more non-fiction…we’ll see! Always great to hear your recommendations (as you know, I’ve picked up on many of them…btw, did you happen to see the film CLOUD ATLAS? I missed it. I was boggled at the previews, how different they were from my mind’s eye…)

    Here’s to a fabulous New Year to each and every one…and please, could you pass some of that cod and chips in this direction?

  2. Happy New Year Corri!

  3. OH: a very belated response: I was bemused at the time with your reference to the film Cloud Atlas and it was only the following weekend that I read reviews and notifications: the film has not come out yet in England, hence I just did not know about it! I will go and see it when it gets to us, definitely.
    And of course, a very happy reading year to you too

  4. And to you Kathleen!

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