Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 13, 2013

Ancient myths pampering broken leg

So I broke my leg.  About three weeks ago now.  Three more weeks to go in this cast – and the weather is beautiful, warm and sunny non-stop.

Just the week before I had drafted an extensive review to post, noting how wonderful everything was going to be as I would have more time for my reading and my writing: I have reduced my working hours from five to four days a week.  And then, the second week in of my reduced working time, I broke my leg.


It does not look too bad like this, does it?  Sunny days spent in the garden.  However, the first three weeks were just too cumbersome to try and balance a computer on my lap/leg.  I spent my time catching up on something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: Greek and Roman mythology.  I downloaded two wonderful courses from La Trobe University in Australia, one on ancient Greek and one on ancient Greek and Roman myths.  Downloaded these to my iPad and printed out the handouts so that lying back with my leg up, headphones on, I followed some 13 lectures and have just started a second course, which is just as informative.  I read stories in the Iliad and Odyssey, re-read Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad, read selections of Ted Hughes’ Tales from the Ovid (what a fantastic book this is) and have a few more on the go.  It’s a great way to spend this forced rest period.

I had never realised how wonderful all these stories are, even if all the gods and their relationships are a bit confusing.

My iPad has proven to be the most appreciated gadget ever: there are the iTunes University Courses, the book and music and film podcasts, music and of course Skype, messaging, and information gathering apps.  It’s my lifeline, and so is my Kindle: holding up a thick book proved to be too tiring, especially during the sleepless nights.   I worked my way through the first two parts of George Martin’s Game of Thrones (after having watched the DVD of the first part, part 2 is waiting…).

In fact, Game of Thrones is as mythical, fantastical as the old Greek myths and perhaps that’s the reason I enjoyed it so much.

18 more days to go in the cast – wish me luck.



  1. Really sorry to hear about your leg. But I’m glad that you’ve managed to make such good use of the compulsory rest period. Those online courses sound perfect. I find that I love the combination of listening to and reading the same book. Wouldn’t do it often since it’s expensive but sometimes I’m in the mood for listening and sometimes reading. Oh, and after hearing all the things you can do with your iPad I have serious iPad-envy 🙂

  2. Thanks Peter. Actually the course is free (unless you want a certificate or have it count towards a degree – and I don’t ) and so are the podcasts. So it’s pretty good going!

  3. I wish you luck, Corrie, and… patience! You’ll need it to bear being immobilised without the everyday fuss you’re so much used to.

  4. Thanks Jose , I think patience is one of the hardest virtues :). I’m doing my best!

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