Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 29, 2013

Coming close to the finishing line

Image 2Only two more days – at long last I can see the end of the sight of this leg.

One advantage of this forced leisure time is that I have all the opportunity in the world to watch garden life, birds nesting, fighting, chasing each other, cooing to each other, carrying out courting rites, and various others that I have not got quite the hang of yet.


Looking at me kid?


I do wonder about this – what’s floating around in my water?


Perhaps if I stand on the plate no-one else will come near me and I can have it all to myself


I’ll beat you one if you try to come near though


And whilst you’re fighting I’ll just get on with it

You see, you can spend hours making it up.  You end up with too little time to read though.

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