Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 31, 2013

Final Day – Restless – New Confessions

IMG_0576Hopefully I can wave goodbye to the sight of this plaster cast this afternoon.  If all is well and the breakages have healed properly I should be well and truly on the road to recovery and ‘normal’ living.  That also means back to work on Monday.




Meanwhile I am very slowly making headway in William Boyd’s The New Confessions.  I am very restless and impatient now.  However, Boyd is one of my favourite authors, and is able to keep me going even though I am very easily distracted.  This is a fascinating book, that spans the 20th century from the very beginning to the mid-70s, with an unsympathetic narrator.   I am writing a full review as I go along – I do so love being able to use my iPad Notes for this: you can be typing lying down, hanging in chairs, holding the Pad in whatever direction is most comfortable.  The notes are saved automatically  and then I can go upstairs to my laptop and find them there –  ready to print or simply to copy and paste.  I never thought I’d become an Apple fan but here I am – I could not have done without these wonderful gadgets these few weeks.  They’ve definitely kept me sane.

Boyd's New Confessions

I’ll post the review shortly, must get today over with first!






  1. Hope you’re enjoying your first day of freedom from the cast today! And that’s encouraging re Apple.

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