Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 11, 2013

Count down to…..

A glorious Norfolk sky last week – promises, promises


It’s nearly christmas, there’s a new year waiting and for me there’s a completely new beginning just round the corner.  I am excited.  Not so much because of christmas but because of the yearly reunion with family, sons, partners and grandchild.  Everyone will pop in this time, all will stay for several days or even weeks and there will be this constant hubbub in and around the house.  Then, there’s the new year coming up with this very new beginning when I will not so much reinvent myself but rather will  say goodby to the stress and demands of companies, organisations, clients, masters and directors and become my own boss to pick up the writing that I have intermittently started, put back in drawers, refiled, started again, put back in a new folder on a new computer / laptop – well you get the picture.

Writing courses and workshops have been undertaken, short stories have been written and collated, a completed draft novel is in one file, with different versions across different folders, ready for editing.  My blog has been started, neglected, and restarted.  Books have been read and reviewed, posted on the blog, and then filed away.  Everything I really enjoy doing has always been on the hoof, really.  Grabbing a bit of time here on a train, a work-free weekend there, a sleepless night in a hotel room somewhere else, helping me to keep the writing juices flowing but always unsatisfactorily.  I wonder what it will be like, this new life with all its possibilities?  I have never known an existence without working for some organisation or other, even if only part-time because of caring for children.


So here is to all of you who have read my blog, remained curious and attentive over the years or have only recently found your way to my reviews and blog posts: enjoy the countdown to christmas and whatever you are going to do in 2014, whether it’s writing, reading, or reviewing or carrying on with your busy lives in other ways. I hope to be around a bit more frequently, once the countdown days are over!







  1. Exciting times ahead of you! I hope you’ll enjoy all the planning and preparing for the new year and I hope you’ll be very successful.

    I’ve started my own book editing business this year and next year is when I really want to get somewhere with it (it’s going well, I want more).

    Have a fun Christmas!

  2. Good luck with your book editing Judith – I have been following your progress on and off and I’m sure you’ll get there! Have a great Christmas

  3. I’m really pleased that you’re giving yourself time to tackle your writing projects. 🙂 How I would love to do the same (not that my projects are in any state to warrant such time). Your year ahead sounds exciting. Best of luck for it and hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Thanks Pete – it’s been a long road to get there 🙂 very pleased I’ve at long last thrown in the towel. Your time will come I’m sure. Have a lovely christmas too

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