Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 18, 2014

Rotterdam and TLC

I am spending a fortnight in Rotterdam.  There are several reasons and one of them is to apply some TLC to the flat of one of my sons.  He had only just bought the flat when the company he worked for transferred him first of all to London and subsequently to Asia.  Consequently, the flat has been in charge of agents who have rented it out on his behalf.  It is a millstone, it’s not a good time to sell, the mortgage is higher than the rental value, and there is no one around who can keep an eye on a regular basis.

So here I am, spending some of my hard-won freedom ‘having a look’.  I’m not complaining though as it also gives me the opportunity to hide and write and do some research.  I spend part of my time editing and writing and because part of my novel is based in The Netherlands, this is an excellent opportunity.  Already I have been reminded of a number of songs and events that had completely slipped my mind.  I will also scour some of the bookshops but have not had the time yet.

Yesterday was spent searching for a shop that would sell a starter for one of the fluorescent lights that had stopped working properly.  At the same time, I need to have a copy made of the front door key which has a new lock.  Although I am right in the centre of Rotterdam with the Bijenkorf and the Central Station within walking distance, it seemed impossible to find a shops that provides or sells these things.


I walked and walked and found a lamp shop near the Blaak where the owner directed me onwards to a shop on The Nieuwe Binnenweg.  I passed the Boijmans van Beumingen Museum and the Dutch Architect institute



After walking for about three-quarters of an hour I  eventually found the shop where they had the starter for all of one euro.  I decided to reward myself with a true Dutch sandwich with so-called farmers’ cheese.  This is cheese made according to a strict recipe using milk from the farm as opposed to cheese being factory prepared.  The shop calls itself Vlaamsch Broodhuys


IMG_0709And the sandwich was delicious, giving me plenty of energy to try to find my way to the central station to buy a public transport card, which is now the only way to get around on public transport in towns, i.e. for trams and buses, and soon also for trains.

IMG_0711Doesn’t it just look delicious?  The cup at the back is cappuccino, not indulgent whipped cream which is also a typical Dutch delicacy, served on chocolate and coffee and with apple tart.

The lamp worked last night with my new starter, however, when I tried it this morning it was dead again.







  1. Ja, te lang weggeweest. Koop ook maar maar gelijk een nieuwe TL lamp en let op het kleurnummer. Zoek op internet door het (oude) Nederlandse woord te Googlen! Plenty Parts (!) is een landelijke keten die een veelvoud aan onderdelen verkoopt.
    Succes in de nieuwe wereld 🙂

  2. Mmmm …. Like the cake

    • That’s the old world – snoeperd.

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