Posted by: Corri van de Stege | April 6, 2014

Am writing, am editing … Half The World

The last few weeks have been very busy. I’ve been writing and editing nearly non-stop with few breaks in between for other things, working on my book for 8-10 hours a day.  I’m not surprised I was unable to do this when I was still working, it takes all your attention and it’s intense and hard work!

I’ve finished the last big edit and ‘Half The World‘ is now  ready for proofreading by two readers and after this is done it will be ready for publishing.  I’m so very excited! Keep fingers crossed and you’ll all be able to get a copy from the Amazon website by the end of the month or in early May. We may just get it out in e-pub version first, for the Kindle, the Kobo and other devices and will  then push on with the paperback version.

Half the World eCover2

Just to remind you, this book tells my story, the story of a ‘foreign wife’ of an Iranian University Professor who lives on the University Campus in Isfahan, Iran, in the run up, during and in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution in the late seventies. What was it like for a young woman who was born in  a very small village in The Netherlands and who  had lived, worked and studied in London, to be transported to a culture and environment that was totally alien to her and which had little resemblance to her previous life? What was it like to be part of a revolution that was played out without the use of social media, without computers and without smartphones or even a landline phone in the flat she lived in and where the media was controlled by the state? What was it like to have to leave behind all your hopes and dreams and loose all your friends all over again?



The story is fictionalised and is based on diaries that I kept (blue and green notebooks bought in a stationery shop in Tehran) and on other notes that I made of that time that I lived in Iran. The names of  main characters have been altered and some events have been fictionalised in order to protect anonymity.









  1. Yeah yeah yeah…….can’t wait to place my order.

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