Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 28, 2014

Writing a garden diary

A friend of ours is producing a most wonderful book called ‘A year in the garden’, with lots of photos and artwork (he’s a very gifted painter). I’ve just read the proof of his book and I loved his dedication to his garden. I was also very impressed by his knowledge of plants, pruning, deadheading, cutting, etc.

After two days of intensive writing, editing and reading I decided today that I needed to do something different. Following my friend’s example, and even though the weather did not look very promising, I donned my garden shoes, an old pair of jeans and shirt and got my garden tools from the shed. I realise that until now I’ve been a very haphazard gardener (I did not really have the time, let’s be honest, as I had a 50 hours a week job) and although I don’t think I’ll change much in my approach I have decided that the minimum requirement for taking myself serious as a gardener is that I should know at least the names of some of the plants that I put in here, there and everywhere around the house. In emulation of my friend’s example I’ve therefore started a kind of garden diary, a ringed notebook in which from now on I will jot down the names of the plants that I buy and where I put them. At least that way I may become a bit more garden literary.

I went out and bought some plants


This is the Nemeisia Fromboise, a new variety that has raspberry red flowers and that will accompany the Nemeisia I bought last year for one of the flower beds at the side of the house


It actually looks quite small compared to her sister next door which is of a soft pink variety, but I’m confident it’ll grow just as much by next year. Pretty or what?


Alongside my patio I have planted a couple of ‘Aquilegia’ which produces masses of double upward-facing flowers in the summer and is a perennial ‘perfect for cottage garden style mixed borders’, according to the ticket.

Around this plant you can see all those little shoots and to be honest I have no idea which is weed and which are the seeds that are germinating, seeds from a ‘cottage garden variety’ that I threw around this patch a couple of weeks back now. I’ll wait and see before I start tidying it.  Come what may, I will really enjoy watching it all this summer and perhaps I’ll even be able to point out to my friends the different plants and casually naming them!

I think the forecast is for rain tomorrow, so back to the writing desk. I’m enjoying writing up this diary though which already covers some ten pages in my garden notebook.

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