Posted by: Corri van de Stege | June 10, 2014

Writer distracted by garden and photo editing

“These are three for ten, not five for ten,” the girl at the cashier desk says. I am very sure that she’s wrong so after checking the display and a conversation with the manager we get the ten rockery plants for the price of  five for ten, a total of £20 rather than the £33.99 we were going to be charged. It looks as if someone put them in the wrong display box. I’m happy though.

This side of the pond has been the bane of my life for a long time now, years in fact, because grass has smothered everything that is vaguely attractive and flowery

the-rockery-beforeIt looked something like this, after I’d cut the grass and started to dig out the roots. It took me two afternoons of digging, sitting on my knees on one of those garden knee benches and working with a small spade and fork (because of my injured knees and ankle – remember my accident last year –  I am unable to put force on a proper spade or fork).   The above picture shows about a third of the rockery dug up. It really is hard work.

So after much digging and buying new plants (except the thyme in the pots which are from last year), in the left hand side of the dug out area are some new Diascia, which according to the ticket will flower from June – September, and to the right are my five Sempervium – the red rosettes of deep purple foliage – mixed with five Aubrieta or Dr. Mules Variegata, which have violet-purple flowers and are supposedly perfect for rock gardens, walls and dry banks.

Rockery-for-web-And for the photo book of my garden that I am working on, I have invested in Photoshop Elements 11 and have started playing around with photos, using the guide-book for Dummies. This is taking up as much time as digging the garden, more in fact, but a perfectly satisfactory way of spending some of my time.

Now just keep fingers crossed that all my hard work will pay off. Back to writing as it is slightly overcast today and there’s no excuse to be out in the garden.





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