Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 11, 2014

Writing blues and finishing short stories

I have finished two more short stories. That is, they’re ready for final editing and who knows what will come out of that exercise! I’ve started two others. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I find many other things to do outside of writing. I’m definitely not an inactive person, never was, never will be, and that allows me to find numerous excuses for not sitting behind my desk. I love the freedom I have now: no job master waiting for me to report to, no clients who have just criticised my latest 200 page report so that part of it needs rewriting, no client who wants a report on a difficult education issue, by yesterday.

You see, I should have all the time in the world to write my next master piece. The reality is I don’t even get round to writing as many reviews as I used to. I tell myself I’m too busy thinking about what I will write, not now, but tomorrow, or next week. I am learning to play the clarinet and can spend two hours a day, easily, trying to master the damned notes and kill my right thumb in the process. Then there was this really interesting course on ‘How to read a mind’ as part of the Future Learn website – they really have a great offer. You can do intro courses on all kinds of things, ranging from linguistics, to forensic science and Muslims in Britain. The two-week ‘How to read a Mind’ course has just finished and was a fascinating introduction to Theory of Mind (how we transfer our own belief of having a mind to others) as applied to literature and fictional characters. It did spur me on to finish the story I’m working on, definitely. So perhaps some good has come out of these evasion tactics.

Nevertheless, I need a push and so I joined the Women’s Fiction Writers’ Association Write-A-Thin for January: all I need to do is set myself a goal! What will it be, one story, two stories? Editing perhaps? Start that new novel?



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