Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 1, 2015

2015 here we come – writing, reading and playing the clarinet


A very Happy New Year to all of you reading this blog and visiting my pages.

And no, I’m not going to publish a list of good intentions and resolutions, of goals to be achieved and aiming to be a better woman, better writer, better…. well, whatever. I’ve decided they’re useless… However, I have signed up to a one month goal for January: the WFWA Write-a-Thin. The only problem is that I have not had much time to either write these last few weeks (guests, christmas, food, wine, walks, well you know…) or set myself a goal , but that’s no excuse. So here it goes.

In January I will continue with writing my next novel (am about 4,000 words in so far) and, ok, I’ll aim to write another 7,000 words. You see that little word ‘aim’ in there? I’m giving myself a way out and you guessed it, I’m no NaNoWriMo writer who sets herself impossible targets: I take my time and often mull over what will happen next to my characters, until a bright idea strikes me. ¬†Besides, I may suddenly feel like writing a short story, there are two in the bag of those and they’ll need editing too.

I’ve also signed up for a couple more courses that I hope will help in my research: one is on forensic science (even if I have no plan whatsoever to write a thriller or murder mystery – I’m just curious in a more general sense) and the other one doesn’t start until the end of the month and is on Cybersecurity.

Also, there’s the clarinet. It’s just brilliant to learn to play an instrument and perhaps here’s one of my resolutions for the rest of the year after all: to learn to play it well, at least as far as grade 3. Or is that like setting myself a NaNoWriMo target after all, only for something else but writing? It’s so easy to find something else to do, isn’t it? Rather than writing? But I like the writing too, as much if not more than learning to play the clarinet. It’s just different.


And of course, this year again I’ll keep you all in the loop on my progress in all of these



playing the clarinet

my courses

and the odd review

Happy New Year


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