Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 24, 2015

Norfolk Walk-abouts

Going for a walk, especially when the sun is out, helps to keep out the winter and writer blues. We wandered around the water front of King’s Lynn in Norfolk not so long ago and the sheer space and endless vista is breath-taking on a sunny day, even if it was bitterly cold. A cyclist braved the icy cold  wrapped in velcro’s, boots and, something I must try to find in a good sports shop: a hat that has flaps that serve as a shawl to cover your mouth. I’m a keen, if good-weather, cyclist and am often put off cycling in winter because the cold makes my teeth hurt, as well as my ears.

‘Would you like to get up and move away from here,’ a friend asked recently. ‘Just to be somewhere else?’

I remembered those years in the past when we travelled around Europe, thinking we would like to live somewhere slightly warmer, in France, or in Spain, or in Greece, or perhaps Cyprus. We took special house hunting trips, with agents even, and never quite found a house that was attractive enough. Besides, when it came to it, we were not really sure that we would want to give up the house we have, nor were we sure why we would want to move, apart from perhaps living in a better  climate, being able to count on sunny summers and not so cold winters, but that never seemed enough of a reason. Of course, we made the right decision, NOT to move just for the sake of it. After all, I’ve lived in three countries and in so many different houses that I’ve lost count – in the end you always take yourself along, you don’t become someone different, better or more enterprising, simply because you move. Taking walks around Norfolk reminds me that we live in a very attractive area, and as far as writing and other activities are concerned: there’s nothing nicer than being able to do all that in your own work room with all the comforts that you’ve accumulated over the years.

And let’s be honest, Norfolk is not at all a bad place to live in – I think I’ll stay put.

IMG_1871Above: Norfolk coast on a winter’s day.


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