Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 31, 2015


Last week we were heading for spring. The days are definitely becoming longer and instead of drawing curtains at four o’clock in the afternoon to keep out the chill and the darkness we now enjoy the views into the garden and beyond until about five. That’s progress.

Even the camellias have started their tantalising spring vibrations, inviting me to come out and watch their beautiful frocks within their green nests. The white shrub at the site of the house, where the sun, when there is sun, warms up its leaves and buds throughout the day, has already flowered and is in decline.Too early I thought when I saw this enthusiastic display and they  dropped the spent brown flowers as if it was warm enough now for all other plants to follow its example.


I was concerned when I saw that the red camellia bush, which usually doesn’t flower until the end of February or early March, tried to escape from its tight buds and here and there managed to flaunt a pretty red dress with fragile, yellow buttons.

Today the snow is coming down with a vengeance and tonight there will be frost, at least minus 3 the forecast says. Oh poor lambs, what will  happen to my camellias, who will certainly be very sorry for coming out so soon this year.




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