Posted by: Corri van de Stege | February 8, 2015

Rest day – catch up on writing, FL and reading

I came across this on Facebook somewhere and cannot resist:


This is what you sometimes feel, how you feel about your writing and your stories!

Today is a rest day as far as the writers’ blog tour is concerned, so I can squeeze in a little diversion.

participant-badge_write-a-thinI completed the Write-a-Thin challenge and wrote well over 10,000 (new) words in January. I know, that’s not brilliant if you’re in a hurry to write your next book, but I’m not actually! I don’t have the urge to publish as many books as I can in as short a time as possible. I have given up on my working life, which was very stressful and I don’t want to re-engineer another stressful existence.

I read a lot, practice my clarinet at least two hours a day, and have enrolled on another Future Learn Course, Muslims in Britain. I’ve nearly completed the Forensic Science one, there’s one more week to go. I’m using some of these new insights in my current novel, so it’s all good research with a purpose! You realise how simplified tv 21133300-girl-playing-a-clarinetshows such as ‘Silent Witness’ really are as forensic science is really quite complicated and not as straightforward as sometimes made out to be. I’ve really enjoyed this, although some of the modules were quite technical and complicated.

Wolf HallI reread Wolf Hall, ahead of the series on BBC and the second read was as satisfying as the first one. I love the way Hilary Mantel sits inside Cromwell’s head and her writing is phenomenal. I’m halfway through ‘Bring up the Bodies’, also for the second time. Cannot recommend these books enough even though I’m aware that there are many readers out there who them too long and too convoluted. Not so!


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