Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 18, 2007

Progressing with Leo the African

What a lovely surprise: there is actually a website for Amin Maalouf – a comment was left on one of my previous blogs, from workaholic to bookaholic, when I first started writing about Leo the African.  I am halfway through the book now and it is wonderfully written.  The fall of Granada, the move from Spain to north Africa, the melee of cultures and religions (Muslims, Christians and Jews all meet and fight/persecute).  Not that different from today’s world, only different hierarchies and powerbases!  Getting to know what happened during this time, the 15th and early 16thC in the Mediterranean world through the story of Hassan and what happens to him and his family is such a pleasure.  Meanwhile Hasan has grown into a young man in Fez, met with the vicariousness of religious bigotry and the misfortune of his halfsister Mariam and is now about to go on his first long journey with his uncle.

 I shall definitely get hold of some other books by Maalouf.  His website, by the way, comes in various languages. 



  1. Amin Maalouf Website

    Have a nice visit!

  2. … And thanks fot this lovely comment!

    The webmaster.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Seachanges. It looks interesting and thrilling. I’ll not fail to read him.

  4. It is certainly worth reading for the sheer brilliance of the language (even tangible in translation) as for its humanist message. It is certainly one of my favourite books ever. Hope you are enjoying it, seachanges.

  5. […] and Cairo and to Alexandria.  That journey was an enthralling one and unforgettable! You can reread my previous blog if you want to remind yourself of what it was […]

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