Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 22, 2008

Life, reading, beach and pondering

So, taking a day off, spending time with granddaughter, finding out what it’s like  not having to worry about work, just faffing about in Norfolk.  Well, this is what the beach looks like on a summer afternoon on one of the Norfolk beaches:

Kids playing, their last day off from school, late August,

Granddaughter enjoying daddy’s back, and this vast space, sun not wanting to comply but clouds gloriously  independent:

And me?  I’m reading – thinking what a wonderful writer Sebald is: an age gone by, and I’m loving it….

mmmm, but then the clouds gather, so apt, on an August, windy afternoon in Norfolk:

So we run for it…..



  1. I loved “Rings of Saturn” and I read it on the beach, except I was in Mexico at the time 😉 BUT, it was sort of eerie. He’s walking through East Anglia, where I spent my first two years in the Air Force…very weird feeling when I read it. I have “The Emigrants” and can’t wait to get to it. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. love seeing glimpses of your countryside and coast! Isn’t it funny (and fun) how we morphed into being photo-writers?

  3. This was a lovely, calm, post. I can hear the waves… isn’t the sound of water wonderful?
    Faffing? That is a new one for me!!

  4. Rings of Saturn is definitely on the list to read now – I like Sebald: he takes you along to different worlds.
    Oh: yes, photo-writers is a good expression! Sometimes, words fail….
    qugrainne: I worried about the spelling, but it definitely expresses the mood: faffing about 🙂 it’s what we all need to do every so often!

  5. […] a previous post, when half way through reading Auserlitz by W.G. Sebald, I wondered whether this book was a […]

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