Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 27, 2008

Write on Wednesday

Yesterday I posted some resolutions that I copied from Tim Hannilan’s blog and it appears to chime in beautifully with Becca’s post today under Write on Wednesday:  that resolution to write every day, whatever it is, in order to practise and make sure that you keep your fingers and brains fine tuned to the written word.  Yes, I try and practice, just like I used to practice for volleybal and tennis matches in the past.  Do a bit of it every day or minimally at regular times in the week and then you notice how you improve, become more agile, sharper.  The same goes for writing, I am convinced of it.  And to write, you also need to read, plenty and regularly.

So with respect to Becca’s questions:

How about you? Do you have a writing practice?  What’s it like?  How has it helped you become a better writer?  If you’re thinking about starting a writing practice, how do you envision it?  What would work for you?

Yes, I have notebooks, numbers of them, for my novel, for my haphazard writing practices, for book reviews.  Often they get muddled up because one or the other happens to be close by and I just jot down whatever it is I want to write about.  I am unable to practice at set times though, not in the week, because of my work routines and the demand of the day job, which can take me all over the place or simply glued to the computer because I have to finish a report.  Nevertheless, not practising makes me feel all ‘stiff’, like what happens when you have not practised enough for a tennis or volleybal match: there’s a mental addiction to writing as there used to be a body addiction to the exercise!  Cannot do without it and feel quite miserable if I haven’t made the space for myself for a few days.

Today, although I’m in the midst of ‘work writing’, I will make some space tonight as I don’t have to travel anywhere and can just slide from my work computer to my notebooks, or maybe even to my writing computer (which is strictly separated from my work computer).  Now, back to work!



  1. I’m glad you compared writing practice to athletic practice – I’ve never been much of an athelte, but I’ve always believed the discipline required was much the same as in writing, or music, or anything one strives to do well.

    I’m also glad your traveling schedule has eased up a bit.

  2. The days I don’t write, I feel guilty. Last week I was on vacation and I managed to write only a few pages. I felt bad about it. I usually set aside some time to sit and write. Or read. Reading is gone for now but writing, I intend to come back to it with a vengeance!

  3. I’ve had a much easier time writing every day ever since I decided not to have a daily word count goal and ever since I told myself that whatever I write, “it counts”.

    Oh — and I can sympathize with the multiple notebooks. Despite my good intentions, I always seem to have snippets of flash fiction interspersed with my novel, along with interesting names I don’t want to forget or whatever other neurosis happens to strike 🙂

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