Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 11, 2009

The Sunday Salon – awards… yes.

I have been nominated/mentioned for two ‘distinctions’ and I am really grateful.  Thank you to Becca at Bookstack for listing me – go and visit her site: Becca has a fantastic blog and has initiated the Write on Wednesday in which she encourages other bloggers to write. 

Just before going away on my little birthday trip to Paris I had the lovely surprise of being nominated by oh for an award, the Inspiration Award, which is represented by a picture of Marie Antoinette:

marieantonetteI love the repose, the picture of someone really flaunting her reading habits!  I wish I could enjoy my books at such fashionable leisure, but then I am truly grateful for this award.  There are rules of course, which I must follow and here they are:

1. Please put the logo of the award (see on the left) on your blog if you can make it work with your format.  [Unfortunately I have not worked out how I can insert it on my right hand panel as a permanent fixture – has anyone got any suggestions on how to do this in ‘WordPress’??]
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award. (Oh, as in Oh! Books… Papers… Real Life is on my Blog Roll)
3. Nominate  7 or more blogs.
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

And now the winners:

I am aware that some of my blog roll entries already have got this award, so I won’t duplicate and go further afield, including blogs that I have only recently discovered and that I have subsequently added to my RSS feed because I liked them and they inspired me:

1. Lisa Kenney at Eudaemonia for her very thoughtful and illuminating blogs on books, writing and art in general.  She is a genuine inspiration with a wonderful blog.  Moreover, her writing is clear and lucid.

2. Joanne Garnley at Aspiring Writer, to encourage her in her aspiration to finish that book and to persevere even if it means reading (and blogging about) fewer novels!

3. Bethany at BBb ex Libris because she is such a voracious and exuberant reader who writes great book reviews and is always looking for more.

4. Of course, the Write on Wednesday blog.  I know Becca has already received the award for her Bookstack, but I think the Write on Wednesday blog is a very inspriring site that encourages so many of us to think about our writing and to post our thoughts.

5. Altering Labyrinth: for the idiosynchratic blogs, wonderful photographs, insightful comments and in particular the links to the poetry blog – so many things to keep you occupied. 

6. Aaron Wilson at Soulless Machine: for his dedication to short stories.

7. The Armenian Odar: A Dutch woman living in Armenian and reviewing books in English – I think that’s an interesting approach – and for her fantastic list of books finished and reviewed under the Russian Reading Challenge.

All the above have been entered in my blog roll and I hope they will all carry the torch and nominate seven other blogs each, linking to this post so that I can check :).


  1. These are wonderful links, SC! (yes, already checked ’em out and added to my “faves.”

  2. Thank you for including Write On Wednesday in your list of inspirational blogs! I appreciate it 🙂

    And now I’m off to check out your other links!

  3. Oh, what a lovely surprise! Thank you for nominating me.

  4. awe, THANKS!! It is s pretty too 🙂 I am so excited!!! You are too sweet!

  5. Just as I was nodding my head that indeed, this blog is an inspiration I read the name of my own blog. I am honored and I thank you. I am very excited about checking out the other blogs listed. Thank you again and I hope you’re enjoying yourself. I was finishing up SWANN’S WAY last night and thinking of you in Paris as he described going to the Champs-Elysees each day.

  6. Thank you for the award. I’ll get to it this week sometime.

  7. Thank you so much for the award! What a great way to start my Monday morning at work! Now I am off to visit the other blogs you nominated, or at least the ones I that are new to me.

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