Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 11, 2009

Who says ladybirds are on the decline…..

Spending your summer holidays on a beach in Norfolk was not such a good idea, at least not last week.  I love the coast here,  see some of my previous postings, however, ladybirds prevented granddaughter and her parents, and many others, from enjoying an English beach holiday.


The beauties of the Norfolk coast – deserted.  Close up, this is what happened:



There were soooo many, all over the place.  So many that folks went back to their hotels, cars, homes, camper vans, anywhere they could shelter from the little attackers.  No, there was nowhere and so the beach stayed deserted…



except for the creepy crawlers. 

(pictures thanks to S)



  1. Oh! How these pests can ruin your hols! Much that they are natural, beautiful that they are, but molest they can!

    We long for balance in Nature, but Nature uses to play these tricks on us. It has no consideration for our comfort. LOL.

  2. Put it down to global warming? Sorry your beach holiday was spoiled.

  3. wow! what are on earth are they doing at the beach? this is beyond comfort zone. Hope you find another beach on another weekend soon while weather is still fun.

  4. HI all – pests exactly – I haven’t been to the beach since… don’t ask me what they are doing there, apparently they’re gone now but only after having made life quite miserable for numerous kids and their parents trying to enjoy a day at the beach. And no, nature is very inconsiderate sometimes!

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