Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 1, 2014

Reading and reviewing mainstream and indie authors

Over the last few weeks I have been reading two books, one by a well-know mainstream author that  was published a while ago now and the other by an indie author. What is an Indie author you may well ask, and what is the difference? Well, an indie author is an independent author, someone who will have self-published at least one book.  Indie authors don’t necessarily work on their own, as they may very well have an agent or an editor or a publicist, but they will be working independently from the main publishers.

There’s an Indie Author Manifesto, published by Mark Coker, the Founder of Smashwords, which you can find here.

There are large numbers of indie authors around, huge numbers, more than I’d ever realised. Once you engage on twitter with the world of authors and writers and with mainstream and indie publishing you become aware of how many indie authors there actually are. Recently, I’ve been busy increasing my twitter presence partly in preparation for the book I’m about to publish, Half the World, but also because it provides a kind of shelter when you sit there hunched over your laptop. You know you’re not alone and that what you are trying to do is not so very unusual anymore.

I realise that the best way to help other indie authors is to read some of the books that are on offer amongst that vast network and review them, just like I’ve been reviewing books in the past. The thing is that indie authors tend to write genre and in particular of the sci-fi and thriller and zombie variety. Well, if you’ve followed my blog at all you probably know that I enjoy mainstream literature, and as far as genre goes I may read an odd noir or spy book.

Knowing then that I’m not a great sci-fi fan I nevertheless decided to download Second Chance by Dylan S Hearn. It’ available in e-pub and in paperback. I’ll give you my review tomorrow.

The other book that I have written a review for is One Day by David Nicholls, which was a book club choice. I realise however that I never reviewed it in the past even though I have now read it for the second time. I will blog my review shortly.

Coming up next week: Half theWorld  – DON’T MISS IT.

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