Posted by: Corri van de Stege | October 5, 2014

Singapore – Botanical Garden

I won’t have enough time to do all the things I had listed before travelling to Singapore this year. It is my fourth visit, and there are still many places and areas I have not been to and that I do want to visit. That is the excuse for another visit next year!

Today, after a hearty brunch somewhere in Clarke Quays, where I actually got to sign my book Half the World for a lovely fan who got out of bed after only three hours sleep because of wedding celebrations, just to meet with me, we headed towards the Botanic Garden in Singapore. It is absolutely amazing.  I met with Schubert. But that’s really besides the point. the orchids and the tropical plants and shrubs and trees were just perfect.

P1020206C with Schubert








P1020200 orange close up











P1020247 growth on tree









P1020220 three yellows

P1020261 orange pink yellow












All incredibly beautiful. And then the forest – this is what Singapore used to be: not this vast and overbuilt city that is what we are in awe with now, but a tropical forest.

P1020246 tropical green


P1020201 trees











P1020225 path w trees











Amazing – all of it.


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